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FOSS Talk Live 2017 mashup show

The last show of the evening will once again be something of a drunken mashup. Unlike last year however, we have a plan for the show and it won't be as chaotic.

Once again it will feature Stuart Langridge, Joe Ressington and Dave Megaslippers. This year we will also be joined by Marius Quabeck.


This year we will be answering your questions! You can ask small things like "what's the best Android game?" or huge world-spanning philosophical questions like "where is technology headed?". We will only have time to answer a few questions so we can't guarantee that we'll answer yours.

There are three ways you can ask us a question:

You can ask us one in person towards the end of the show.

You can email your question to questions [at] this domain.

You can fill in this handy Google Form.

You don't have to tell us who you are and you don't have to come to the show to ask a question. We will release a recording of the show a few days after it happens.